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Welcome to the Studio JS 203 tutorial.

When you do a Google search you generally get pages and pages of results. If Google fetched and returned all of the results to a single web page you would have a very long web page to scroll down through, and it would take a very long time for your browser to display the single page of results.

To solve this problem web designers came up with the interface of displaying a limited number of records on the web page and a adding footer that tells the number of pages of results and hyperlinks which the user can click to fetch and display any page of the results.


In this tutorial we will write the code for handling multiple pages of search results for our Omnis Studio ultra-thin web app.


The following is an overview of what we will do in this tutorial.

  1. Create a multi-page remote task by duplicating the rtCountyList remote task.
  2. Modify the Omnis Studio code in our multi-page remote task so that it only fetches and returns a small batch of records.
  3. Modify the HTML code to include a results pages footer is included with hidden input values.
  4. Modify the JavaScript code to send HTTP requests based when the user clicks on a page number in the results pages footer.
  5. Modify the Omnis Studio code in our multi-page remote task to return the results for a specified page.