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Welcome to the Studio 102 tutorial.

This tutorial continues from where we left off in the Studio 101 tutorial. In this tutorial we will:

  1. Add a Stateprov table to the database. The Stateprov records will be linked to the Country records using a foreign key.
  2. Create a qStateprovList query class to join the Stateprov child records with their Country parent record in a single list.
  3. Create a wStateprovList window class to add/edit Stateprov records and link them to a parent Country record.
  4. Add a Towncity table to the database. The Towncity records will be linked to the Country records and optionally linked to the Stateprov records since some countries do not have states or provinces.
  5. Create a query class and window class for the Towncity records.

In the process of doing the above we will create a tBase superclass table class with subclass tables classes for each table in the database.

The Studio 101 tutorial gave you very explicit directions for each operation you needed to complete. Knowing that you have been through the Studio 101 tutorial, the Studio 102 tutorial is less explicit when giving directions. For example, the Studio 101 tutorial gave you explicit directions like:

F2 Browser > select Contacts library > double-click tCountry table class.

The Studio 102 tutorial will give you abbreviated instructions like:

Double-click the tCountry table class.

When entering code for this tutorial you will need to create variables as you write the code. The StudioTips Naming Conventions for variables tell you the variable type and scope based on the variable name. Here are a few naming convention hints to help you:

There are more hints in the Conventions Used in this Tutorial section of the Studio 101 tutorial.