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Omnis Studio has a wealth of functions. Date functions, String functions, FileOps, FontOps, etc.

You can view the various functions and help tips for each function as follows:

  1. Press F9 to open the Catalog.
  2. Click on the Functions tab to see the list of available functions.
  3. Click on FileOps in column one of the Catalog
  4. Move your mouse over one of the FileOps functions in column two. If you have help tips turned on, a tooltip will appear giving you the syntax for the function and a short description of the function. (Right-click on the F9 Catalog and select Help Tips to toggle the help tips on our off. Right-click and select Save Window Setup to save the current state.)

You can drag any function from the F9 Catalog into a Do statement in the code editor. The function and its parameters will be copied into your Do statement.

There were a number of handy functions which I was not using because I didn't know about them, didn't understand what they did, or didn't now how or where to use them.

Quick demos are provided in this section for functions, where applicable.