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External Components

Trying to find documentation on the external components provided with Omnis Studio can sometimes be a challenge.

This section is an attempt to document and demonstrate the external components provided by Omnis Studio.

If you have information or demos, please email them to

Instantiating an External Component

To use an external component you need to instantiate it with a variable.

  1. Create an object type variable.
  2. Click the variable subtype and in the treelist select the External Objects node.
  3. Open the node and select the external object of your choosing from the child nodes.
If the external object does not appear in the child nodes you may need to load the component.

Loading External Components

If an external component is not in the External Objects node of the object variable subtype, you need to set Omnis Studio to pre-load it using the External Components window.

  1. F2 Browser > select your library in the treelist > click External Components. This opens the External Components window.
  2. Open the External Components root node of the treelist.
  3. Select the child node external component you are looking for.
  4. In the Pre-Load Status group box, click either the Starting Omnis or Opening 'YourLibName' radio button.
  5. Click the OK button when you are done.
  6. Quit and reopen Omnis Studio. Omnis Studio will load the external component.

External Components Browser

The function sys(4019) opens an External Components Browser window.

Click the Run Demo button in the StudioTips Browser to open the External Components Browser.

Scroll through the list of external compenents. When you click on a component, the properties, events, and functions supported by the component are listed. When you click on a property, a description of the property is displayed in the bottom of the browser.