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Omnis Organizations

This section provides information on the various Omnis related organizations and resources that are helpful to Omnis developers around the world.

If you know of an Omnis organization or resource that should be added to this section, email it to me.


EurOmnis hosts the annual European Omnis developers conference. What an incredible conference! It is well worth the time and registration fee! I would encourage anyone to attend EurOmnis if you can.

Omnis Developers List

The Omnis Developers List is a great place to learn about developing with Omnis Studio. I could not have learned Omnis Studio to the level I'm at today without the Omnis Developer list. The list is an invaluable resource to the Omnis Studio developer... and its free!

To subsrcibe to the list go to

When making a new posting to the Omnis Developers list you will be appreciated by others if you classify your email by prefixing the subject of your message with one of the following prefixes:

Example subject: O$: Trapping NULLS

Using prefixes allows your fellow Omnis developers to quickly sift through their email. Many developers set up 'Filters or Rules' in their email program will automatically delete the subjects they don't want to read, and move others into the appropriate folders/mailboxes.

Please be sure to type the letter 'Oh', not the number 'zer0' in the prefixes. They might look the same, but filters consider them different - we're programmers, we should know that, eh!

The Omnis Developers list volume can be a high volume list - up to 100 messages per day. The following is a list of guidelines that will make every list member's life a little easier and more productive.

  1. Rember to include the subject and use the correct subject prefix.
  2. Limit messages to one subject. If you have more than one question post them one per message. You stand a better chance of getting answers to all of your questions.
  3. Be sure to include the version of Omnis you are using if you are on an older version. Stating the hardware platform and OS is a good practice as that might be relevant to the problem or solution.
  4. When the subject of a thread changes, change the subject line.
    e.g. OT: Apple's Resurgence (was Mac OS X Released)
  5. When you reply to a posting edit the amount of material you quote to the amount needed to understand your reply. Remove extra text and other signature info that isn't needed.
  6. Never, ever, attach a file to an email message going to the list.
  7. When someone posts an offer (e.g some code, a library, a utility) your reply asking for a copy should go directly to the person not the list.
  8. Personal banter is fine. Just remember to change the subject line. Consider private mail.
  9. To save yourself embarrassment remember replies always go back to the list. If you meant for the reply to be private you need to copy the address from the original message, paste it into the To: field and delete the mail list address.
  10. If you see list messages bouncing don't worry about it. The list mom will see them too and delete the bad address from the list. There is no need to send a message to the list mom or to the list.
  11. Don't swear or use coarse language on the list.
  12. Don't make statements that make others feel stupid. We're all learning. Let's keep it positive.

The first list server I used was the Omnis Developer list. From time to time I was puzzled by the acronyms, but too shy to ask. If you want to know the meaning of an acronymn visit You simply type in the acronym, click search and in seconds are presented with a list of possible meanings.

The following are some of the common acronyms used on the Omnis Developer list.

A word of caution, there are numerous developers on the list for whom English is a second language. Reading the postings is hard enough without the acronyms. It's probably best to keep the use acronyms to a minimum.

Omnis Technical Newsletter

The Omnis Studio Technical Newsletter contains news, information, technical tips, and trivia about Omnis Studio and other Omnis products. To sign-up for the newsletter go to the
Omnis website and search for Technical Newsletter.