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The goal of this site is to provide Omnis Studio software developers with a well organized on-line resource of tips, tutorials, demos, and utilities.

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AutoUpdater is now being offered FREE to Omnis Studio developers!

AutoUpdater is an Omnis Studio utility which automates updating runtime users of your Omnis Studio applications.

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The StudioTips app is now being offered FREE to Omnis Studio developers!

StudioTips is the Omnis Studio application which contains (and generates) the tips and tutorials on this site. The StudioTips app includes all of the tips, code snips, tutorials, demos and source code. Using the StudioTips app you can step through the actual code in the demos and copy code to your own application.

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The StudioWorks framework is now free to Omnis Studio developers with the purchase of StudioWorks training from Lineal Software!

StudioWorks is a framework written in Omnis Studio for rapid application development. If you are writing a new application or converting an Omnis Classic app to Omnis Studio you owe it to yourself to check out StudioWorks. You can save 3-6 months developing your Omnis Studio application using StudioWorks. Learn more...